Top essentials for a new baby

Now, when I say ‘top essentials’ I’m not talking about the pram, cot, nappies, etc. I’m talking about the things you don’t think about or know about, but will desperately need right then and there when you have a screaming baby in the middle of the night (or day)!

  1. Baby Panadol / neurofen. After our bubs first needles she got a temp and thankfully the panadol quickly bought it back down again.
  2. An old school, under the arm thermometer. Don’t bother with the fancy laser-type thermometers with the big price tags. The older ones are much more accurate and are what they use in the hospitals.
  3. Infants friend. This stuff really helps when bub has a sore tummy.
  4. Saline nose drops. These were our miracle item! When bub had a really stuffy nose (especially in those first 6 weeks) we just put one or two drops of these in each nostril, she’d sneeze, and voila!
  5. Snot sucker. The best types are the ones where you actually suck the snot out. I know what you’re probably thinking, GROSS.
    TBH, I thought the same thing before having a baby, but this thing was a lifesaver when bubs had her first cold.
  6. Cream for their bottom. We have tried a few different ones (curash, sudocream, etc) and her sudocream seems to have worked best for us. But all bubs are different so you may need to try a few out!
  7. A dummy. This might be a little controversial but our bub NEEDED a dummy that first night home from the hospital. She would have otherwise been on my boob the whole time. We used the closer to nature brand and had no troubles getting her to take it.
  8. A teething toy. She all of a sudden needed one of these and she had it all the time. Some people swear by the Sophie Le Giraffe range. Our bub also loved a simple colourful one from Kmart

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