Top places to buy Maternity wear and how to start your maternity wardrobe

Ahhhh, dressing your bump, sounds fun right? I thought so too… but in fact, I found it very difficult. Especially when living in Australia.

When buying maternity wear, my suggestion is to stick to simple basics that you feel comfortable in (if you have to live in that one black dress, so be it, you can dress it up with a fun cardigan or necklace).

Also, try not buy too much. Whilst it may seem like pregnancy will last forever, you really will only be wearing this stuff for about 6 months.

So here is my list of where to shop:

  1. ASOS – online store. Shipping is generally free, they often have big sales, and if you don’t like what you’ve ordered, you can ship it back (small cost) for a full refund.
  2. Target – Target was probably my favourite place for maternity gear. They don’t have a lot, but they have some great basic tops, dresses and comfy pants (and nice comfy knickers!) They have also recently released a Danni Minogue maternity collection which looks especially good.
  3. Topshop – Before becoming pregnant I wore a lot of topshop’s jeans so I bought some of the maternity ones. Again, well priced, good fit and nice and comfy. If you don’t have a local topshop you can shop online.
  4. Bonds – I found bonds to be by far the comfiest and best priced maternity bra’s. Plus, they are comfy enough to sleep in. Try and hang out for a sale, they generally have up to 40% off
  5. H&M – You can’t shop H&M online, so you’ll have to actually visit the store. I did so on a trip to Melbourne
  6. Jeans West – I never personally shopped here for maternity wear but a lot of my friends swore by it.
  7. Sussan – Again, I never personally shopped here but they have a small, but nice maternity range at reasonable prices.
  8. Peter Alexander – they do a few nice nightys and PJ’s if you want to splurge for something nice to wear to bed.

If you’re wondering how to get your maternity wardrobe started, i’ve listed my suggestions below for a good, basic maternity wardrobe:

  • 2 x maternity bras. I would suggest going with bonds, one black, one white.
  • Some maternity crop tops to sleep in or workout in. I liked the bonds and the target ones.
  • Some maternity undies, because your normal undies just aren’t going to be comfy anymore! I liked the target ones and the H&M ones
  • A dress you can wear somewhere nice (eg. baby shower, birthday party, etc). I got the plain black 3/4 sleeve dress from target and almost lived in it.
  • 2 x pairs of jeans (one black, one in your favourite denim colour). I chose the Target denim jeans and the Topshop black jeans.
  • 2 x singlets (black and white). Again, I chose target as they were so cheap!
  • 2 x t-shirts (black and white). Target, again.
  • Some tights / leggings / thick leggings. You can wear these under dresses or long tops, or just around the house. You’ll want something comfy. Trust me.
  • A jumper or two. I got a great black one from ASOS.
  • An extra dress or two. I got a lovely stripey one from Target and also a (non-maternity) stretchy one in a few sizes up from Cotton On!

From here, you can add in cardigans and jewellery for the cooler months or grab a pair of shorts and some more dresses for the warmer months!

Good luck and happy shopping 🙂

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